Crowd control equipment

Ropes, bollards and more

Your event may need rope guides to direct guests into lines or queues, to cordon off or enclose a space. We can help you to design effective crowd control solutions, and provide and install the right equipment. We use bollards (or stanchions) and tensa barriers to cordon off spaces temporarily. We stock and supply chrome (silver) and brass (gold) bollards, and tensa barriers with 2.0m straps.

Bollard ropes

Our high-quality bollard ropes have a luxurious satin finish and come in a wide range of colours (including red, burgundy, black, blue, white, gold and pink). They are available with either chrome or brass clips and are generally supplied 2.0m long

Other crowd control options

We can assist with other crowd control solutions, including high quality galvanised steel barricades, and water-filled (crash barriers) or concert barriers for perimeter demarcation and effective crowd control.

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